Micro-Electronics Diode mount


Precision MicroFab has micro-milled a large number of projects for a variety of applications, including diode mounts and fiber optic arrays. Working with the NASA Goddard Photonics Group, Precision Microfab…

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Micro-Electronics Our infrared fiber lasers can create irregular features in a silicon wafer with knife-edge quality

Silicon wafer cutting

Precision MicroFab has worked with a number of clients to machine irregular shapes in silicon wafers. Our infrared fiber lasers can create these features with knife-edge quality, with minimal kerf…

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Micro-Electronics These probes needed to be tapered down to a 6 μm truncated pyramid.

Probe tip shaping

Precision MicroFab specializes in shaping vertical test probes, generally used for running electrical tests on integrated circuits. On this project, the probe tip had to scrub an oxide layer off…

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