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laser drilling

Laser Drilling

We love drilling microscopic holes. Millions of holes, maybe billions. We create thru-holes and blind holes in just about every type of material that exists. Precision MicroFab has a variety of lasers and we will select the best option to provide the very highest quality result for your drilling application. The material removal mechanism can be photoablative or photothermal. Send us your material and see what we can do for you.

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laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Talk about cutting edge, our lasers cut all sorts of tiny, intricate shapes, with features down to a micron or less. We cut a multitude of materials on a variety of shapes- like sheets, tubing, spheres, you name it. Our laser cutting is highly precise, accurate and repeatable, which makes it an ideal process for both low and high volume production.

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Like all proper welds, this laser weld is stronger than the surrounding material.

Laser Welding

How to join similar or dissimilar materials together on a micro-scale? Laser microwelding is the answer for many implantable medical devices when adhesives are not suitable or just too much trouble. A broad range of metals and plastics can be joined with welds thinner than a human hair. We also enjoy laser soldering and brazing microscopic parts.

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Micro Channels

Laser machining micro-channels involves precisely moving the part or laser beam to remove microns of material along a path. Channels can have straight or tapered walls, and flat or round bottoms. This process is often used in microfluidic and fiber optic applications and a wide assortment of materials.

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Laser Ablation

Selective Laser Ablation

We frequently use selective laser ablation to remove electrical insulation, like parylene, to expose an underlying elecrical conductor without damaging it. This technique is very useful when manufacturing probes or connectors. On optical fibers, we selectiveley ablate tiny ammounts of buffer coating or cladding. We remove micro- or nanoscopic contaiminates from other substrates.

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Micro Molding

Micro Molding

Micro molding is a way to make millions of minuscule parts more cost effectively than direct laser machining. A negative design is cut into a substrate of your choosing with features only microns in size. Our molds are used for hot embossing, thermoforming and injection molding.

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Vial Micro Defect

Artificial Defects

Microscopic artificial defects are laser cut, drilled, or channeled in a specific location or pattern. They are designed to simulate a manufacturer’s real defect to validate their defect detection equipment in critical QA/QC applications. Our services are often used for FDA container closure integrity testing (CCIT). We can produce artificial defects in glass vials, syringes, metal foils, plastic bottles, ceramics, latex gloves or anything else.

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laser mIcro-soldering 50 µm wide leads on a ceramic substrate


Precision MicroFab solders tinned copper wires down to 25 micron diameter to circuit boards and electro-ceramic substrates using our custom built Laser Solder Station. We are experienced with soldering materials and fluxes and can build custom fixtures and tooling to get the job done. Our ISO controlled processes ensure consistency, conductivity, quality assurance and peace of mind.

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Diode mount


Precision MicroFab has micro-milled a large number of projects for a variety of applications, including diode mounts and fiber optic arrays. Our experience and advanced techniques hold tight tolerances while creating micro-features in a variety of materials.

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