Micro-Electronics laser mIcro-soldering 50 µm wide leads on a ceramic substrate


These 50 µm wide leads are laser soldered onto a thin metalized layer deposited on a ceramic substrate. If you’d like more information on this project or if you’re interested…

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Micro-Electronics Laser welding plastic

Laser welding plastic

For this project, Precision MicroFab welded plastic for a cell phone display. To create this lap weld, we used an infrared laser and some specialized fixturing to transmit through a…

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Micro-Electronics Like all proper welds, this laser weld is stronger than the surrounding material.

Laser welding metal

This video shows components made from a sintering process, laser welded together: The weld bead is 100 μm wide and 2 mm long. The welds were completed with minimal oxidation…

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