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Precision Microfab designs and builds custom micro-manufacturing systems that support high-volume production of components for a wide range of industries.

Working with Spectubular Technologies, Precision Microfab created a fully-automated robotic manufacturing cell that produces up to 250 meters of laser-cut filter tube per day. This reliable, efficient system:

  • inspects incoming material using a high-speed, high-precision optical micrometer (accurate to within 2 microns)
  • cuts slots into tubes using two 1080 nm fiber lasers
  • cleans the tubes in three stages: an ultrasonic cleaning bath, a rinse tank, and a high output dryer that can reach a temperature of 1200° F
  • performs a final inspection using a 200x microscopic zoom lens mounted on a high-resolution, high-speed camera integrated with Machine Vision software

A mid-sized 6-axis robot control arm selects incoming tubes from a feeder bin, moves them from stage to stage, and ultimately deposits the finished filter in either the rejected or passed tube bin.

All components are mounted on an 80/20 modular T-slotted aluminum frame, with a TempTek portable chiller providing precise temperature control.

Watch the video to see the “Magic Machine” in action!

Special thanks to Spectubular Technologies, a division of Synfuels Americas