Aerospace Sunshield Catenary Cables for NASA’s James Webb Telescope

James Webb Catenary Cable

Congratulations to NASA, NGC and ManTech on the successful deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope, especially unfurling the sunshield. The James Webb will replace the Hubble Space Telescope and…

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Aerospace Each one of the four windows was made up of over 4,000 individual laser drilled holes with a diameter of 0.0004 inches each or 10.160 µm.

Quantar Sensor

Precision MicroFab™ was contacted by the Heliophysics Science Division from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to develop a complex hole array drilled into a domed surface. The Goddard Space Flight…

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Aerospace linear fiber ferrule

Linear fiber ferrule

Precision MicroFab worked with NASA to build a better fiber ferrule that would be implemented in one of their newest sensors. Light enters the fiber optic cable through a close…

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