Real-world solutions for micro-manufacturing problems

We take on the most challenging R&D projects, machine materials that others can’t, build laser systems, design and manufacture micro-devices.

Completed hundreds of difficult micro-manufacturing projects, worth millions of dollars.

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Who we work with

Engineers, scientists, researchers, inventors, and physicians from various industries count on us to shorten their product design cycles. We work hard to earn their trust and become their reliable micro-fabrication provider.


What we do best

Contract Micro-manufacturing Services

High volume production and QA/QC

Provide Expedited Services for Prototypes

Quickly build, verify, and validate

Design & Manufacturing Consulting

We know how to design for micro-manufacturing

Build Custom Laser Systems & Servicing

Turnkey systems, training and service

Our mission

To become a valued contributor and team member in the design and fabrication of micro-devices and systems for medical devices, life sciences, aerospace industries and the scientific community.

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Services we provide

Discover how Precision MicroFab can help you whether you have a napkin sketch, complete design documents, or just a problem to solve.

Laser Micro-Manufacturing – Low Medium or High volume level production and QA/QC.


Micro-machining, micro-drilling, micro-cutting, micro-welding, micro-soldering. Expedited services and rush delivery are available.
Research & Development

Research & Development

We can provide you with feasibility studies and conduct laser material interaction research.
Custom Laser Systems

Custom Laser Systems

We build turnkey laser systems with integrated motion control for production or research. Our systems are robust, reliable, and easy to operate.
medical device prototyping

Medical-Device Prototyping

From multi-billion dollar companies to startups and inventors, we have successfully helped them all build patentable prototypes.
Design and Manufacturing Consulting

Design and Manufacturing Consulting

Our experienced team can assist you with any design questions or issues for micro-manufacturing.
micro inspection service

Inspection Services

We can inspect your parts and generate inspection data and full reports. Our measuring equipment is inspected and calibrated regularly.

Our Capabilities

ultraviolet laser drilling into sapphire
  • Laser Drilling
  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Welding
  • Micro-Channels
  • Selective Laser Ablation
  • Micro-Molding
  • Artificial Defects
  • Micro-Soldering
  • Micro-Milling

Why partner with Precision MicroFab?

If you have a challenging problem in the micro-world, we’re here to solve it.

First we listen, then we develop micro-manufacturing solutions when no one else can.

Custom Laser Systems
Create innovative solutions for design challenges
Shorten product design cycles because we design for manufacturability
Shortest time possible for moving from idea to prototype to finished product
ISO 9001 and 13485 quality management system implemented throughout
Provide expedited micro-manufacturing services
Capacity for small, medium, and large volume production jobs
Build custom turnkey laser systems
Provide post-purchase training and maintenance services
Serving medical device, life sciences, microelectronics and aerospace industries
Experienced and knowledgeable staff with decades of experience

Recent case studies

Energy Oil & Gas

Tube Cutting Laser System

Precision Microfab designs and builds custom micro-manufacturing systems that support high-volume production of components for a wide range of industries. Working with Spectubular Technologies, Precision Microfab created a fully-automated robotic…

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