Laser System Service

Our team has a combined experience of thirty years servicing
deep ultra-violet and infrared lasers world-wide.

What we offer:


We provide onsite training regarding how to use your laser system,
programs, motion stages, gas, pneumatics and optics.  We provide work instructions and safety procedures designed around your system.


Regular calibration is required for systems to maintain
performance, quality control and ISO 9001 & 13485 compliance. A professional
micro-machinist will provide on-site calibration traceable to the relevant NIST Standard.

Service & Repair

If you are experiencing difficulties with your system we will
provide service to determine the cause and fix the problem. We procure new
parts or find replacements to service your system either onsite or at our
facility. If your legacy system is obsolete, we will give you options to
retrofit and upgrade your system. Response times vary based on availability of
parts and lead times.

We also provide:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance of Laser systems
  • Upgrading system, user interface and video inspection systems

Please call 888-592-5589 or Contact us to get started.

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All systems come with customized technical manuals and on-site support for the life of the system.
NASA Goddard Photonics cleanroom