Flexible Pulse Laser System

Die Drilling Laser  

Precision MicroFab™ designed, manufactured and installed an
entirely new production-level laser system to drill diamond carbide and thermally stable diamonds. This system replaced a legacy system and considerably reduced run time per part, increasing the daily productivity by a factor of three. This is just one example of our custom laser manufacture capability. We will custom tailor a laser system specifically for your application.

Highlights of the System’s Features and Benefits:

  • Aerotech stages and amplifiers.
  • A top of the line computer with the latest motion control software.
  • Rock-solid Fiber laser technology.
  • Air-actuated collet spindle with less than 0.00005” TIR, driven by an Aerotech motor.
  • Beam delivery integrated with video microscope and optics mounted on the stages. Optics and beam delivery module retracts for safe and easy part loading and unloading.
  • Applications specific custom motion controls.
  • Extremely compact machine base footprint of 28” by 26” plus monitor and keyboard arm.

Motion System Specifications:

  • A linear motion guide bearing system and high-performance brushless servomotors.
  • XZ assembly with 5 arc sec orthogonality. Alignment to within 3 microns orthogonality for motion stages.
  • Linear error correction for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Resolution: 250 nm
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 μm
  • Repeatability: ±0.75 μm
  • Load rating on Stages: 45 kg Payload

Laser Specifications:

  • Maintenance-free MOPFA and Q-switched pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser designed for OEM applications.
  • The laser delivers a high power 1.07μm laser beam directly to the work site via a flexible metal-sheathed single mode fiber cable.
  • The near diffraction-limited beam can mark, drill or machine a variety of materials.
  • • 1mJ pulse energy
  • • 120ns pulse width
  • • 50kHz pulse repetition rate
  • • 50 Watt average power
  • • 3.0 meter armored fiber with 7.5mm beam diameter output
  • • Isolator attenuates damaging retro-reflections
  • • Red aiming diode

Safety Standards:

  • A Certified Industrial Safe Laser System.
  • Class IV Enclosure.
  • FDA CDRH Registered.
  • IEC 60825 Compliant – Safety of Laser Products.
  • UL 508A Compliant – Safety Standard for Industrial Control Products.
  • NFPA 79 Compliant – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

Up close

Successful instillation of our small footprint diamond carbide drilling laser system and ready to begin production.
This system features a top of the line computer with the latest motion control software, applications specific custom motion controls, and a control arm with dual vertical mounted monitors.
The beam delivery is integrated with a video microscope and optics mounted on stages. The optics and beam delivery module retracts for safe and easy part loading and unloading.
Closeup of the fiber laser inside a Certified Industrial Safe Laser System Class IV Enclosure.
Air-actuated collet spindle driven by an Aerotech motor.
Here is one of our laser system experts training new users on its operation. He is demonstrating how easy it is to operate and how much this system will increase production.