Design and Manufacturing Consulting

You have a challenge in the micro-world, and Precision MicroFab is here to solve it.

There is an enormous gap between concept and working prototype. Precision MicroFab can help you bridge that gap and accelerate through the design cycle with our best-in -class consulting services. We specialize in microscopic medical device design and understand the unique needs of physician inventors.

Our first step is to understand your design challenge.  Once the problem is defined, we can offer unique solutions drawn from years of micro-manufacturing experience.  We can help you:

  • Brainstorm Solutions
  • Evaluate ideas for manufacturability
  • Select materials
  • Generate drawings
  • Determine tolerances

Rather than design something that cannot be built, we design for manufacturability from the ground up.  Often, we can offer several options, working with you to evaluate each path from a technical, manufacturing and economic perspective.

Contact us to get started.

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Up close

The space shuttle delivering our optical attenuator to the International Space Station.
Working on the 10th iteration of the array on a single sapphire wafer.
Sub-micron features inspected under a scanning electron microscope
We designed and manufactured a production level laser system for drilling diamond carbide.