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If you have a problem in the micro-world, Precision MicroFab can design and build the right solution. Our intelligent, creative solutions and responsive service are second to none. Please contact us so we can learn more about your requirements. We look forward to working with you!

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TEL: 1-888-592-5589
FAX: 1-410-437-7500
Address: Precision MicroFab
7500 Energy Court
Suite 4
Curtis Bay, MD 21226

United States of America
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Submitting your drawings helps us help you faster. Please include any material specifications and dimensional tolerances on the drawings. Maximum file size is 5MB per file. We accept the following file formats: .pdf, .dxf, .dwg, .sldprt, .slddrw, .igs, .stp, .step, .itt, .prt

Up close

Microscopic parts, packaged so you (probably) won't lose them.
This fiber optic array was populated with 79 μm diameter fibers with a tolerance of +9/-0 μm.
The space shuttle delivering our optical attenuator to the International Space Station.
Our kitchen sponge under a microscope with polarized light. Hey, it looks cool.