Case Studies

Microfluidic Nozzle Innovation

Precision MicroFab™ was contacted by Dr. Allen Maizes, M.D. to design and micro-manufacturing a microfluidic nozzle with increase turbulence for better ultrasound visualization of a needle tip location.

In collaboration with Dr. Maizes, we fabricated several different prototype models. We experimented until we found the best design for this application. With a much clearer view of needle tip location, the physician can provide safer and more effective anesthesia delivery.

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Up close

This needle was engineer with a double ported exit to allow for high turbulence and increase visible.
This view shows the increased turbulence and flow pattern of the design.
The innovation for a microfluidic nozzle with a high turbulence flow makes for better ultrasound visualization.
The high turbulence flow is highly visible.